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Gros plan du champ de maïs

Play a key role in the development of Congolese agriculture through quality inputs

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The project behind CA Agri

CA Agri is a Congolese company, born from the partnership between GTC and the VS Agri group.


We produce and distribute agricultural inputs: chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers, phytosanitary products.

Our passion for agriculture and our wealth of knowledge and experience allow us to be an essential link in the development of our clients' farms.


Our goal is to improve the prosperity of all farms. Our company is built around four key pillars: a frank customer relationship, strong expertise, flexibility, high quality products and services.


VS Agri is a leading regional group in South Africa in the agricultural sector. It is a producer of agricultural inputs oriented towards services through a complete and unique agronomic service offer.

The VS Agri model allows farmers to better integrate

in value chains and optimize their production. VS Agri has a network of over 300 commercial farmers in South Africa.

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GTC, launched in 2013, is a pioneer company in Central Africa for the production and processing of eco-responsible palm oil. GTC is a key member of the "African Palm Oil Initiative" platform.

Its aim is to become the largest independent sub-regional producer and to prove that an alternative model to planting in forest areas is economically, socially and ecologically viable.


CA Agri is a member of the "Union Patronale et Interprofessionnelle du Congo"


To buy our products:

  • Our main warehouse is located in the outskirts of Dolisie on the RN3 just next to the Moulende toll

  • Contact us on +242 04 442 40 88

  • Or send us a message here


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