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Our vision

Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, for it will ultimately contribute to real wealth, morality and happiness - Thomas Jefferson
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CA Agri's strategy is to offer a complete solution that will include soil analysis, agronomic recommendations, advice for pH correction as well as the formulation of personalized inputs.

The key lies in the empowerment (training and transfer of skills) of small producers who are the backbone of rural economies. Increasing production on farms is the only sustainable solution and that is what CA Agri will do.

Agriculture improves a country's development trajectory because it contributes to the well-being of populations, increases incomes and stimulates demand for other goods and services over time.

A full range of services

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Soil amendment

Quality inputs

Agronomic services

Crop protection


Our values

A frank customer relationship: We believe in the importance of long-term customer relationships, based on trust and respect.

Strong expertise: The combined knowledge and experience of our agronomists and technical team ensures that you have access to high quality, cost effective solutions to increase and maintain good yields.

Flexibility: We can formulate and customize products according to the unique needs and specifications of your operation.

Our products and services: Our wide range of quality products can respond globally to the needs of your operation - from nutrition and plant protection, to soil remediation as well as the technical support services necessary for good management. of your activities. Our products and services are all supported by excellent logistics.

To buy our products:

  • Our main warehouse is located in the outskirts of Dolisie on the RN3 just next to the Moulende toll

  • Contact us on +242 04 442 40 88

  • Or send us a message here

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